Thursday, April 23, 2009

SJU Class Ring worn by Jane Hart

How Fun our Reunion was with photos of all

Gail, Marian and Annette

Gail, Diane and Gioia

JoAnn and Twila

Annette, Glenda, Gail, Diane and Liz

Nancy, Ann and Pam
Gail and Marian

Glenda and Liz

Gioia, Twila and Glenda

Jane, JoAnn and Ann

Ann, Liz, Jane, Glenda and Annette
Darlene, Jane, Nancy, Annette and Ann

Lorrie, Jane, Nancy, Annette and Ann

Jane, Ann, Nancy and Pam

Gioia, Margie, Darlene and Ann

Marian and Annette
Glenda and Lorrie

Diane, Lorrie, Gail and JoAnn

Gilda, Kathy and Liz

Darlene and Margie

Lorrie and Twila
JoAnn, Liz and Twila

Gail, Gilda, Glenda and Gioia

Diane, Lorrie, Gail and JoAnn

Liz, Margie, Glenda and Arleen

Nancy, Annette, Twila, Pam and JoAnn

What a great lunch that was brought by all

Margie enjoying our Potluck

We were greeted by Twila

Talking and listening to Malo and Santana on our way

Our journey to our 36 year Reunion at Twila's House

Glenda picked me up at my house.

10 Year SJU Reunion

7 Year SJU Reunion